“Exarchia, the Neighborhood of Resistance and Solidarity, Will Win” – Revolutionary Anarchist Action

Murderer Greek State continues its attacks aganist anarchists and the opressed ones. The government, which previously took the first step in attacking anarchists by releasing Alexis’ murderer police; today attacked with their armbands to the occupation houses in Exarchia. Exarchia is the neigborhood of resistance and built by anarchists in athens. Leader of the New Democracy Party (nea dimokratia) Kiriakos Micotakis who was elected as a result of Greek General Elections,threatening anarchists and made it clear that they would work to make Exarchia clean from anarchists and become a state and capitalism friendly neighborhood.

Around 06:00 this morning, 4 of the occupation houses in Exarchia where thousands of anarchists and immigrants lived were evacuated by the police. Hundreds of anarchists and immigrants were detained and sent to concentration camps after this attack on the areas of solidarity and resistance of anarchists and oppressed people. In Exarchia, when state attacks to against the culture of rebellion and solidarity continue to increase; while the living spaces of the oppressed people are being destroyed by the state and its law enforcement agencies; As the Revolutionary Anarchist Action, we salute the struggle and resistance of our comrades in the neighborhood where the self-organization and political activities of the oppressed people are concentrated in Greece . It is the solidarity and resistance of the oppressed people which will make the fascists step back and make them lose.

Long Live Anarchism! Long Live Revolution!

“Direniş ve Dayanışmanın Mahallesi Exarchia Kazanacak!” – Devrimci Anarşist Faaliyet